Registration form of the customer.

1Procedure of issuing MBC tokens
2Confirmation of agreement
3Data entry of client's information
4Register document of personal identification

Procedure of issuing MBC tokens

In order to receive MBC tokens, you will need to go through KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. This procedure allow us to check your identity with documents provided during registration. You are also need to prepare ERC20 compliant wallet address to receive MBC tokens.

①Documents used for confirmig your identification

We need you to provide a certificate which allow us to confirm your nationality, your first and last name, current address. For example, we need you to provide your passport, driver's license, pesonal identification issued by local government (residential certificate, health insurance, pension insurance booklet).

②ERC20 compliant wallet address for receiving MBC tokens.

If you do not have ERC20 compliant wallet, please log in to the website listed below and prepare a wallet address, so you can receive MBC tokens from us.

 Preparation of MyEtherWallet


From the website of registration of personal information for KYC, please enter your information, wallet address and photo (smartphone photo is acceptable) of your personal identification documents.


When registration is completed, we will proceed confirmation of your information and submitted document. If the information you had provided is not good enough for us to identify (e.g., unclear photo), we will notify you.


After we review your registered information for KYC, we will send a welcome post card to your registered address. When we recognize that you received a post card, then we will send you MBC tokens to your wallet.

※From the start of the review of your registered information for KYC up to the delivery of MBC tokens,you may experience some delays due to data entry work and wire transfer may requrire some time.

Please read the agreement below and put a check mark in the box if you agree.


Ex: John

例: 一郎(漢字:名を入れてください)

Ex: Smith

例: 田中(漢字:姓を入れてください)

※Make sure to input your name properly as shown on your identification document


Ex: 123 Newyork Avenue NW

Ex: SUITE 123


Ex: Washinton


Ex: Washinton


Country code

Phone number




Enter your ERC20 Wallet Address


Take a photo of the certificate and upload.
When you take a photo of certificate with smart phone, be aware of the following;
  • Make sure to take photo of entire document.
  • Take a photo of document which shows face and address clearly.
  • Words must be shown clearly to read.
  • Depends on which document you choose, you may have to send a photo of backside.
  • When upload a photo copy of your passport, make sure to show a page where we can see your home address.

※If photo matches the following conditions, we are not able to proceed the inspection.
Part of certificate is not shown.
Words are not clear and can't read.
Can't read words or see picture due to reflection of light.

drag file to this area, or tap the photo and choose.

drag file to this area, or tap the photo and choose.